It wasn’t too long ago that I moved here, nervous as hell but excited for the adventure. Or at least that’s what it feels like to me. When in reality I’m approaching seven months in the Okanagan. It’s been a very humbling experience thus far. Being able to watch the rapid growth of my niece has been incredible. Her speech and memory specifically seem to be advanced. Its been great exposure into what having children really takes, and has done nothing but strengthen my relationship with my sister and brother-in-law; I owe them a lot. Lately I’ve had a few people ask me about my thoughts on children. Jury’s still out but it’s not looking good. Don’t get me wrong I love my niece. Just from the non-responsible, fun uncle angle. That’s my role and I do it well. To which I get the predictable “ahh well you’re still young”. We shall see my friend.

October was a blur. With my credentials (or lack there of) I made the decision to double down on my desire to get into management. Luckily I’ve been given the opportunity to start taking my first steps towards making that a reality. It’s uplifting to have a workplace so willing to invest in your abilities without having the experience. With the promotion and a friend of mine needing a roommate moving out became an option earlier than expected. Another flurry of a week, six or seven viewings later and we’re signing the lease. Dobby is free! Only down side is she got the bigger room. Win some, you lose some. I really need to read those books again.

In addition, I’m going to be trying something new out. Music has always been an evolving part of my life. When I was young I took five years of guitar lessons. I never played much and thus was never very good. The only performance that really sticks out to me is when we played Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against. I sang and played rhythm guitar. That was the first time I sang in front of more than five or six people. One of the biggest adrenaline rushes I’ve ever experienced. I quit playing the guitar in grade ten because of football. I told myself I didn’t have time; huge mistake. Through high school my musical taste continued to develop until university where I almost exclusively listened to electronic and rap. This was where I picked up DJing and really fell in love with music. It has amazing aspects to it that I didn’t understand before. I have multiple memories tied to songs, whether ‘chilling’ in my car with buddies, dance floors, music festivals, basketball games, or just simply alone in my room. Then there’s emotion. My headphones are glued to my ears when I’m frustrated or down. It helps me escape for a few minutes and return more centered. This all came together whenever I was spinning, whether at one of the handful of events I’ve spun at or just practicing by myself. Unfortunately, my living situation hasn’t allowed for much time behind the decks lately. Until I can afford a living space that is mine alone it’s a passion that I’m going to have to put on the back burner. In the mean time I need a way to become re-absorbed by music other than my one man dance parties. So I’ve decided I’m going to start an ongoing piece called Take a Minute. It’s going to be a short segment that I post bi-weekly alongside my not so regular rants. It will cover topics like new music I’m listening to, interesting gems off the beaten path, and interesting news. I’m not going to comment on many things that go on in the industry because frankly I don’t care. But there may be exceptions. The Snak the Ripper, Madchild disses come to mind. We got some real good tracks out of their fight including Child Abuse which I personally thought was brilliant. Anyway, that’s my newest project, it won’t be something that’s for everyone but I’m already extremely humbled by the amount of engagement I’ve received.

Till next time.



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