Take a Minute Vol 1

Let me preface this piece with a quick backstory. Four or five years ago I started listening to electronic music and instantly became a self-proclaimed hipster. I’m far from it, just a punk with black rimmed glasses and an eagle sweater. What I didn’t know at the time however, was how popular this music really is. It took going to a handful of festivals and clubs to realize millions of people listen to house music of some genre and this ‘fad’ is here to stay. The point of this series isn’t to showcase my ‘vast musical prowess’ because frankly I don’t possess it. It fact you will rarely see me refer to a genre of music more specific than house, dubstep or trap. The amount of subgenres in electronic is ridiculous in my opinion. I have better things to do than decide if its deep house or tech house; its house. All I’m trying to do is shine light on great music while keeping up to date with releases in the process. This first entry is my three favourite producers that you should take a minute (namedrop!) to listen to. Anyone who has watched movies with me knows I do that all the time. I love when movies awkwardly fit their name into dialogue, pure writing brilliance!

Anyway, starting with the most recent addition to this list; Dillon Francis. I really began paying attention to him leading up to Money Sucks, Friends Rule when my friend David recommended him. Soon after that he released Get Low as a single; it was in every mix I heard for the next couple months if not longer. Fun enough song but didn’t stick with me at all. Whereas the rest of the album had such an incredible variety of tracks which showcased depth to his tastes and skill. Fast forward just a short time and Dillon is preparing for another EP. This Mixtape is Fire. I really enjoyed it but not as  much in comparison. Last May I saw Dillon live for the first time and had a ton of fun, he’s an amazing producer and a good DJ.

This next choice isn’t actually because of his producing talent at all. His songs are fairly okay but nothing that really grabs my attention. But what I love about DJ Bl3nd is just that: he’s a DJ first, producer second. His mixes are incredibly well paced and masterfully blended. I have yet to see him live but can’t imagine what a crazy time that would be. I started listening to Bl3nd in grade eleven before basketball games. Back then his club mix on youtube is what really peaked my interest for electronic music in general. If you haven’t heard anything of his I recommend you listen to any of the Freakshow volumes; especially if you’re in need of a workout.

Lastly, Knife Party! Easily my favourite act out there and haven’t seen them live yet either! These guys are just a great story of trying many different paths until they got to their goal. Without boring you too much, both guys had been together on a few different bands and projects most notably drum and bass band Pendulum. The two of them decided to create Knife Party as a side project. Now in 2015, it’s a little more than just a side project. In the last four years they’ve released Rage Valley, Haunted House,  Abandon Ship, and most recently Trigger Warning. These guys haven’t done anything I don’t love, even their cheesy troll songs like Micropenis. It’s hard not to sound like a fanboy. If you haven’t heard of Rob Swire and his genius it’s worth going back to Pendulum, but at the very least go back to where it all began; 100% No Modern Talking.




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