Take a Minute Vol 2

The past month I’ve been focussed on looking for new songs for the gym. Most times I’ll simply stream a Snails or Getter set but lately I’ve felt like mixing up my playlist. This brings me to Sullivan King and Kayzo’s song Till We Die. This guy (King) makes me believe I could be a metal fan every time I hear his sound, alas I’m a basshead. His remix of Resistance by Knife Party is still my favourite but I might be a little bias. Check it all, now. Start with Pure Evil and just let it flow over you. Seriously though if you’re not a rock or dubstep fan probably not for you. Of course one can’t go without some Bottle Swervice. Herobust has been releasing his I’m Aloud EP one track at a time on Soundcloud which has been a blast! It comes out in full some time in January. My choice big room producer has been Morten and this most recent song, Stickup, is an interesting one. It’s a collaboration with Karma Fields & Juliette Lewis; awesome dark mood. Rounding it out is a guy out of Spain, EH!DE. He was not on my radar at all before this. Thank you Datsik. He reposted his Redemption EP and blessed me with some terrific dubstep wubs. Speaking of which Ephwurd posted their work Switch with JVST SAY YES a little while ago. Needless to say I’ve had some pretty awesome songs fuelling my workouts lately!


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