Take a Minute Vol 3

The holidays are a time when many people reflect on the previous year as a whole. DJ’s are no exception, many releasing a year end mix via Soundcloud. Although this being a young series I feel a look back at the year in music, the way I experienced it, is a great way to showcase a variety of different sounds and styles. These are my top ten producers I began listening to in 2015. Needless to say I recommend you listen to everything and hopefully enjoy some.

I tend to be a little bit hypocritical at times; prime example. I was extremely against Borgore two, three years ago. To me he (along with Diplo and others) embodies the over sexualization that is so prevalent in dance music culture. I’m all for people doing whatever they please but for some reason his image bugged me enough to veer clear of him. Well that was until this year. I loved everything. Keep It Sexy EP was unbelievably diverse with Forbes (G-Eazy) being the hit success although Squad was my personal favourite. Throw in his remix of Clouds earlier in the year and his most recent upload Tomahawk with Caked Up and it’s been an easy time winning me over.

My first introduction to Drezo was Guap, one of my favourite songs this year. A couple others, Pump This and Animal Style, were both given a nice facelift by Drezo. Plus Heaven is just plain fun! Listening to some of his older songs I really enjoy his sound. With some more support as of late it would seem he’s primed for an amazing 2016. I sure hope to hear more soon!

Suh dude. Oh Getter. He released two EP’s this year along with a ton of remixes. Couldn’t tell you how he eluded me to this point but he did. Since learning of Getter through a buddy he has pumped out some great stuff. Collaborations like World with Ookay, EDM with Bear Grillz and Squad with Borgore and Dahn Farro. On the other side of the coin I didn’t really connect with either of his EP’s. His podcasts/radioshows are amazing for working out though. One hour of fast paced, heart pounding dubstep. Similar to Snails. Plus he’s another genuine guy not putting up a facade.

So we’ve covered I’m a hypocrite. Let’s move onto cheating. I actually began listening to Snails when Dirty Raxxx with Panther came out back in 2014 but he has had such an incredible year I can’t omit him. 2015 started off with a bang(er). Teaming up with Brillz to drop their bootleg of Crazy. A fitting foreshadow of the year to follow. Over fifteen uploads ranging from originals, VIP mixes, remixes, and full sets. The EDC Las Vegas set he posted is easily one of my most listened to. Holla Out with Jack Ü and Taranchyia was my go to song of the summer and then I encountered that sweet, sweet Frogbass. If I was some prestigious outlet and I could give away awards my ‘Producer of the Year’ would go to Snails. I’m stoked to see what the future has in store.

Lana Del Rey is stunningly beautiful with an amazing voice. High By The Beach served as a gateway to Yultron. Lana got dropped there unfortunately. Yultron likes sushi, he wins, sorry. Clouds and Aftershock are two good places to start! I bounce around my kitchen to multiple versions of Clouds but his remix is my preferred.

There’s tons of The Weeknd fans online that tear the new age fans apart. They argue this new style isn’t true to who he is as an artist. Well I’m a new age fan, and I love him. I’m sure it’s a vocal minority but look at some YouTube comments next time you’re watching a video of his. Bet there’s at least two or three comments about it. It’s interesting to watch from the outside anyway. The Hills and Drunk In Love are my recommendation. That’s mainly because you’ve already heard Can’t Feel My Face. If you’re looking for a great chill beat Pass Dat remix is perfect.

Valentino Khan. An interesting selection for me as I don’t really love his solo work; Deep Down Low being the huge exception. Whereas there’s multiple songs he’s part of a collaboration and it turns out great. Break Your Neck with GTA, MFU with Flosstradamus, and his remix of Set Me Free are some key points of the year that I enjoyed. 2016 Should be fun for seeing who he works with next! Perhaps Diplo?

I remember wanting black hair with pink tips in junior high. I was convinced that wasn’t a great idea, probably for the best. Jackal on the other hand wasn’t convinced. He’s living my dream, only he went full pink. He’s been touring with Brillz and a few others lately. Animal Style is a great song and what’s even better is that Getter and Drezo both tried their hand at remixing it. I always love hearing different takes on the same song especially from two of my favourites.

My first summer in the Okanogan definitely had a hand in shaping what I was listening to. I remember a friend asking for song suggestions at one point and I recommended Gud Vibrations by Nghtmre and Slander. Well Sullivan King takes that chill, feel good vibe and throws a filthy riff overtop and creates a remix I’ve not stopped lifting to since. I brought up King last time as well. He’s not for everyone and I understand that but if it’s your style I think you’ll love him too. Check out Psycho for a good introduction…

Finally comes Herobust. Another guy I talked about a bit last entry. Sometimes you just have to bounce. For some it’s a rare occurrence, for others like myself it’s an every day routine. I’m Aloud EP has been perfect for that. Now technically it doesn’t officially drop until the 22nd of January, but he’s been uploading the tracks to Soundcloud in intervals over the past seven months. They’re all good, Smother Shit specifically.

So there they are. Unfortunately my own fake rules couldn’t allow Jack Ü or Ephwurd because I’ve been listening to those guys in some form before 2015; both groups had amazing years. There was also tons of great music from some of my long time favourites this year. Knife Party, Kill The Noise and Flosstradamus to name a few. Here’s to 2016, the year of the mau5!


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