Take a Minute Vol 4

One of the last times my Dad was here we talked a little about music and how he rarely listens to any now. In his teens he was similar to me in that any time there was silence in his personal life it was filled with music. Though as he’s gotten older he finds it to be unnecessary and would rather fill his time reading or in silent meditation. It’s what he finds enjoyable, allowing him to clear his head better than most other activities. Music is exactly that for me. I regularly lose myself dancing around my place like a fool, forgetting all about my roommate who I’m sure thinks I’m a psychopath. It’s my way of unwinding and having fun. Whether it’s singing along to The Weeknd or head banging to Barely Alive these past few weeks have easily been the most fun I’ve had outside of live shows. Best part is I don’t think I found any music on my own, it was all reposts and suggestions from friends. I got to explore styles I normally have no interest in and found tons of great songs. Therefore I have to give a little shout out to Jordan, Chad, Julia, and Eryk who all unknowingly had a hand in crafting this post and probably many more to come. They are all super active on Soundcloud and each have their own unique taste. Besides simply streaming I don’t post many tracks so It’s nice to follow people who do. There’s always somebody you haven’t heard, and in my case a great deal of somebodies.

Normally I believe in saving the best for last but not this time. Three nights ago Eryk sent me the link to Flume’s song with Kai; Never Be Like You. I then continued to play it on repeat for the next two hours. To me it perfectly blends a carefree, uplifting beat with beautiful, soulful lyrics. I’m now incredibly excited to hear the rest of the LP but I think we might be waiting a little while, summer time maybe. Continuing with the uplifting vibe is the Deorro and RAC remixes of Beautiful Heartbeat by Morten (my man crush) and Frida Sundemo. I prefer Deorro’s but both are excellent. I’m a little late to the party on Elaphante’s remix of Smoke Filled Room but it’s a song that could make even the most curmudgeon individual crack a smile. The drums in Fam by Zack The Lad are nicely put together but it’s that nasty synth that steals the show. Then there’s one of the most unique songs I’ve heard: Whiplash by X&G with Josh Pan. It starts with some sporadic drums and slow lyrics but changes tones multiple times. I’m not doing it any justice so just go listen to it. Anomaly is another track by the trio that pushes the boundaries of genres. This is Drugs by Ryan Collins and Freak That by Yerboi are two that I’ll leave for you to experience without any suggestion as to what they are. I think you’ll enjoy both more that way!

On the other hand I want to talk a bit about Breathe by Eric Prydz and Rob Swire. If this is your first time here, I am a Rob Swire fanboy so everything I am about to say is going to be completely bias. I loved it. It’s exactly what I expected from this pair. I especially love the vocals though, go figure. Since seeing Prydz at Northern Lights I’ve had immense interest in him and tracks like this just continue to peak that interest. Now all we need is a Deadmau5 and Prydz collaboration. Or even better a Deadmau5, Prydz, Swire collaboration.

Swire has always been a fan of troll songs. In fact Knife Party might have a very different look to them if it wasn’t for the success of Internet Friends. Without that support the two may have never went on to make EDM Trend Machine, Micropenis or the most recent PLUR Police. Some people think songs that are actually good can’t be classified as ‘troll.’ In my opinion anything that has an ironic tone to it earns the classification, good or not. To show the flip side though go watch Deadmau5 at Ultra Music Festival in 2014 filling in for Avicii. Those songs(remixes) suck but they prove a point. I always enjoy the social commentary wrapped in and thus Industry by Debroka is a favourite of mine right now. A little while ago on Twitter, and I’m sure again in the future, there was a lot of ‘EDM industry’ bashing going on amongst different DJs and producers. I think this is a song telling everybody to chill out, each and every producer makes up this industry so hold off on the shit talking. But your interpretation could be very different so I recommend checking it out! Side note; I really hate that ‘it’s lit fam’ is still a thing.

To wrap up I have a few instant classics to tell you about. I’ll start with Rae Sremmurd. If you somehow don’t recognize these legends they’re the brilliant minds who brought us No Type. Jokes aside By Chance stays true to the care free living image they so often portray. Another classic is Señorita by Justin Timberlake and Taisun’s remix breathes life into it again, speeding up the tempo and adding a funky bass line. Back To You by Omar LinX has been a favoured workout song for me lately, plus the guy is Canadian and I love supporting home grown talent. It’s already gotten a facelift from Lumberjvck as well, so if you haven’t had enough chainsaw noises in your life lately there’s that. Bare posted a song I hope drew inspiration from The Walking Dead; Terminus. It was one half of a two part collection he posted, the other being Nameless. Finally, Barely Alive released an album. Poison Dart easily my choice for shaking my brain loose to but all fourteen songs are definitely worth a listen. If the first few weeks of 2016 have been any indication of what is to come I’m stoked to see what the rest of the year has to offer!




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