Take a Minute Vol 5

When I began this series my biggest fear was that I would have a hard time finding new producers to feature and keep the content fresh. Nobody wants to hear me rant about Deadmau5 over and over. Unfortunately, I’m still going to. This time in the form of Mau5trap, his label. I recently stumbled upon REZZ, Mord Fustang, and Matt Lange; all currently working with Mau5trap. The first, REZZ, is a twenty year old producer out of Niagara Falls with a very distinct, dark sound. Her passion and youth is expressed in her mixes and I love that. The Silence Is Deafening EP is incredible but I would actually recommend listening to her promo mix first. The bleak, harsh ambiance paired with captivating mix downs is what makes it my preferred way to experience it. Personally I hear elements of Joel in her music. In fact to my extremely untrained, out of tune ear almost every producer featured on Mau5trap seemingly shares traces of his style. Listen to Mord Fustang’s Flip The Bacon and tell me there’s no inspiration there. It’s kind of cool, like their own little cult. Next thing you know they’re all wearing animal heads. Anyway, I think Mau5trap has some great established talent as well as exciting new faces like REZZ. Seriously go check out REZZ.

Speaking of cults, OWSLA has been posting some great tracks as of late! Skrillex and MUST DIE! teamed up to create VIP’s, a funky change of pace for the latter. Pretty Bye Bye is another Skrillex product, this time sharing credit with Team EZY and NJOMZA, boasting a beautiful melody and soothing vocals. Perhaps my favourite Yellow Claw song ever, Alright, with San Holo is a fantastic song to keep in mind for when you just need to be alone. I find most San Holo’s work to be fairly uplifting and this one is no different. Then rounding out my favourites, 666! by Getter and Ghastly as well as Bang by WAVEDASH. These are just a few of the sixteen tracks released as a compilation by OWSLA titled Worldwide Broadcast.

If you’ve ever heard a Crichy Crich song and thought something similar to “this song is so stupid but I love it” I’m right there with you. That’s mainly due to the amazing producers this guy has worked with. Tincup, Riot Ten, NoxiK, and QUIX just to name a few. B.T.F.R.D. with Riot Ten is still one of my favourite songs to rage to. A few days ago Crichy Crich posted a track with King Tutt produced by Tincup: SIN$. I find his and Riff Raff’s style to be comparable(if Riff Raff worked with better producers) and you’re either going to love or hate him. Normally I only present people I want to support and see grow; not really the case here. He comes off as an asshole in most of his work and this track is no exception. But sometimes douche bags make good music, just look at Justin Bieber with Where Are Ü Now

Back when I was playing hockey we listened to bands like Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach and Drowning Pool in the dressing rooms before games. Well a few days ago Drezo posted his remix of Bodies and naturally I love it. And him. Then again if you’re looking for something with a bit more kick Baauer’s got you covered with Day Ones. This is a very different sounding Baauer when compared to tracks like Infinite Daps and Higher. Last entry I brought up Zack the Lad as he had just recently posted Fam. This time he’s back in a big way with Black Sheep; a four track EP. Make Me Move really showcasing a soulful vibe while I Want It instantly transports me to the beaches of Hawaii with it’s groovy baseline and calming melody. Debroka is another return from last volume, pairing up with graves (who’s based out of Hawaii) to bring us Silver Fox as well as flying solo on Marathon. Two fantastic, chill trap songs. I’m telling you it’s those Hawaiian vibes, man.

Lately I’ve been a sucker for a beat that can make me emotional without any lyrics. High Tide by Tim Gunter and Burn Out by NGHTMRE are two perfect examples of this. Burn Out has been the intro to many of his sets this year and I remember hearing it when NGHTMRE was on BBC1 Radio a while back. Then we’ve got Mysto and Pizzi’s remix of The Chainsmokers’ NYC which is the most beautiful version I’ve heard thus far. The Chainsmokers posted Don’t Let Me Down to continue what has been an extremely interesting past few years. For a couple guys who made arguably one of the biggest tracks of 2014 they have continued to be true to themselves, exploring different genres and make absolutely amazing music together. It’s awesome. Additionally, Young Bombs remixed Rozes track Burn Wild and while the vocals are really what drives this one home for me their uplifting spin is an enjoyable addition.

Vibes are something I often discuss in relation to music and these last three tracks are the ones I connected with the most, all for different reasons. They might strike a similar nerve in you or just turn out to be three great tunes to add to your playlist. Either way first is Do You Don’t You off Haywyre’s most recent EP titled Two Fold Part 2. Next is Smoke and Retribution by Flume, Vince Staples and Kucka. Finally is NINE LIVES’ remix of MICHL’s track Kill Our Way To Heaven. That’s it. I’m not telling you anything about them. Go experience them for yourself. Kind of anticlimactic isn’t it? Although, I don’t know what you expected. I told you to listen to REZZ at the very beginning. It’s all been filler since then!


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