Are they really the same?

Recently I was asked how I find the inspiration to lift weights. I asked if he meant motivation to which he quickly replied “same thing.” While I didn’t think that was accurate I decided not to press the issue and explained that everybody’s motivations are unique and the key is finding what changes it from a hobby to a passion that will eventually become your lifestyle. However, I was now more interested in looking up the definitions of inspiration and motivation to find out if they really were that similar. Both definitions include the idea of doing something but where they differ is motivation being the reason or reasons behind an action, whereas inspiration also includes simply feeling, and has more of a creative focus. This got me pondering what, or more accurately who, actually inspires me. Individuals who embody work ethic, passion, and authenticity. There’s three sources that have each effected my life aspirations, career goals, and even way of life in unique ways. Two of them haven’t even graduated university yet but being able to witness the growth of both these parties is incredibly inspiring. The third, however, is extremely successful and no less motivating. See it just doesn’t quite work the same.

First, is one of my good friends from my time at Lethbridge, Ayumu. In our first year of university he created a photography club and became president. Now admittedly I don’t know how the hell there wasn’t one before that but he took advantage of the opportunity and thrived. Being the solo photographer for any kind of event the university had meant meeting a vast majority of the coordinators, DJs, and other club presidents; I was quite jealous of his networking capability compared to my own. I’d say he spent the majority of nights editing photos in our second year, even when his roommates were tearing up the dance floor. To be around his commitment and love for his craft, even for a short time, was truly influential. Ayumu’s now going to school at VanArts and tells me he’s loving the experience so far. If you want to check out some of this young man’s work his Instagram user name is ayutanaka.

I think it’s safe to say most of us would love to work for ourselves. Sure I’ve heard the arguments about how stressful, demanding, and tiring being an entrepreneur is but it’s also creative, diverse, and liberating. I’ve been making mini plans for what different businesses I would like to own since high school, maybe one day. Anyway, WEST. Clothing Company is a startup based out of Calgary that was formed in 2015 by some guys I partied with in university; a fantastic connection I know. I wasn’t in the same program as them so we spent a limited amount of time together but they’re a fun group of guys that are successfully creating a brand and it’s been astounding to watch. Having recently launched and opened a second retail location they’re well on their way. It’s going to be fun watching how they evolve and grow over the years.

Technology, music, and coffee. A way of life for myself or more importantly, Deadmau5. I guess you could say we’ve got quite a bit in common. It was back in 2009 that a friend told me about Ghosts N Stuff. I should really thank her for introducing me to both my would be favorites, Rob and Joel, at the same time. That was 2009 though. Since then my borderline obsession for who Joel is and how he carries himself has really blossomed. From streaming video games with Philip DeFranco, to coffee runs with the likes of Rob Ford he’s always connecting with his fans and giving us a look into his life. However, those are all just reasons I’m a fan, what’s inspiring is his genuine nature. His coffee runs are a great example, I like the one with Dillon Francis and Skrillex the most myself, but Joel’s also done interviews where he opens up on some very personal topics, the one with CBC in 2012 in particular. I’ve never been the type of person that idolizes celebrities but between his massive success and ability to stay true to himself makes me wish I had even just fifteen minutes to pick his brain.

For me, inspiration doesn’t come from a person succeeding in what they do because we all want to succeed. It stems from people who push the envelope, think outside the box, blaze the trail… I think that’s all the clichés I’ve got. But you get the idea, these guys fill me with a great sense of motivation. Alright, it’s official, inspiration and motivation are not the same.


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