Take a Minute Vol 7

Since falling out of updating this series so too has my music discovery. Not surprising, considering it was the driving force in my listening habits. I went from listening to SoundCloud every day for at least an hour or two to maybe once a week. This doesn’t bode well for me as I consume music like a binge drinker consumes alcohol. I don’t just play a song and then move on to something different, it’s replayed over and over and over and over and over and…

Thus finding Copter Boy, Apashe’s debut album, has really breathed life back to my lifting playlist. Although my roommate is probably extremely tired of hearing Day Dream and Puttin On the Ritz at this point. Winning by Destructo & Problem is the only song she’s heard more frequently. Anyway, having not really listened to Apashe other than No Twerk and Battle Royal before this I am super impressed, this dude kills it. By the way Apashe, if you ever see this you should definitely come through Kelowna BC. Definitely not going to see this but worth a shot. Other than Fire Inside, which doesn’t do much for me, I think each track is great. Whether it be deadlifting to Unsafe, singing to Fuck Boy, or dancing to Touch Down I’ve loved it all. Take a minute and check it out. Uncalled for name drop +10 points.


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