Lean Bulk: Slipping Consistency

Five days, four pounds. The amount of days I missed going to the  gym while also slipping on my macros, cost me four pounds. Is it a big deal? Not really, I’ll gain it back quickly. Plus it was for good reason, I’m moving to a new location and wanted to enjoy some time with my coworkers. Unfortunately, regardless of cause, being off course for even a short period of time has consequences. The next two weeks will be more difficult due to my insufficient intake of carbohydrates. At least my orders from My Protein should be here this week to help excite me back into training that little bit extra.

Looking back at how the first seven weeks in my program went I have noticed a few things I wanted to change. Lowering the amount of sets I’m doing each day, swapping between two similar exercises to avoid getting bored of the program, and adding a second rest day to lengthen my week to eight days instead of seven. Near reaching my peak weight I was really fatigued going into most workouts and even cut a leg workout in half due to tight hamstrings from dead lifting the day before. I was over training, putting too much stress on central nervous system. I think adding a second dedicated rest day will really help me go into each session refreshed. I’m also rearranging my heavy leg day to be 48 hours ahead of my heavy pull day. Even though I’ve slipped up I’m excited to jump right back in with legs tonight after my shift supervisor meeting at work. Time to get back at it.


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