It’s 10:30 and I’m already sore from my workout this morning not more than twelve hours ago. Today marks the beginning of my new training style. After approximately ten weeks of high frequency training and even a revision to my program three weeks ago to reduce the volume, I’m still going into workouts sore and am unable to perform to my previous week. Therefore I’m abandoning high frequency training. Six days of training plus 2-4 hours of volleyball a week is wreaking havoc on my body-specifically my hip flexors and quads. Normally I would suggest not to change your programming until you’ve at least been with it for 12 weeks. Obviously I’m breaking my own unwritten rule but when you can’t hit lifts you were crushing two weeks ago it’s time to change things up. Perhaps if I wasn’t playing volleyball I could maintain this frequency but that’s a hypothetical that will probably never come to fruition; I’m enjoying the game too much to walk away. So between possibly over training and not being able to gain any weight I’ve decided to switch to more strength focused training. I’m happy with my physique (at my current weight) but am unhappy with said weight and extremely unhappy with my strength. Even if I struggle to pack on the pounds I can still get stronger at my current weight. After watching lots of Vitruvian Physique, Bart Kwan, Silent Mike, and Omar Isuf I’ve been pretty inspired to lift some heavy ass weight. So here’s my new, simple program:

It’s a four day split: bench, squat, overhead press, and deadlift with 3-4 accessory lifts related to each day. It’s hybrid in structure, but strength in focus.

Week 1: 5×7 at 75% of my estimated 1 rep max.

Week 2: 7×5 at 80%

Week 3: 10×3 at 85%

Week 4: Deload bodybuilding style week

Repeat. Adding 5, 10 or even 15 pounds to my estimated 1RM depending on how easy/difficult the lifts were. At four days a week this will be the lowest frequency program I’ve ever followed but that’s fine. This way I’ll be going in fresh ready to hit my numbers consistently week after week.