Buckley’s Cough, Cold & Flu

Today was rough. Usually on hard days at work I can find some small victories to focus on but today wasn’t one of those days. I’ve been fighting a wicked cold the last two to three days and today was my third of four in a row. As part of the supervisor team it can be very difficult to find replacements for sick days as we usually are already rotating days off, so I usually just suck it up and push through. This marks the second time in a two month period I’ve gotten sick which is unusual for me. Especially considering my nutrition is more on point than it ever has been. My diet during university consisted of pizza, burgers, and beer and yet I was only sick once so it’s odd now that I’m much more conscious of what I’m putting in my body I’m getting sick more often. Luck of the draw I guess.

I try my best to never write when I’m not in a good head space. I tend to be more pessimistic than the average joe, or realistic as I like to call it. I never want that to come off too much in what I produce/create though. There’s enough hate and negativity in the world that I don’t need to be adding to it. I’m far from perfect though, my twitter feed is proof I have my fair share of slip ups. I’ve come a long way in this regard. I would have been the first guy to spew hate and throw shade (fuck I’m cool) in the past. It’s not easy to re-write your thought patterns but it’s really necessary to step back and analyze if what you’re adding to the conversation, relationship, and world is beneficial to everyone involved. My introspective personality is incredibly beneficial to my growth as a person. Ironically I attribute it to my experimentation, my eyes were finally opened. But out of fear of rambling I’m going to call this here. I still have laundry to do and I have work at 5:30 am. Although I just found the song that was rattling around in my head so I might be a up a little longer rocking out. No better feeling than finally finding the song you’ve been humming for days because you don’t even know the lyrics, just the damn beat.


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