I Won’t Support a Fake

In our culture it is common place to have someone who you aspire to be or even idolize. This can take many forms, fictional characters, movie stars, or pro athletes. As someone who aspires to work in the fitness industry some day I tend to spend many, many hours watching and learning from fitness personalities. Whether it be more on the informational side of things with guys like Silent Mike, Bart Kwan and Vitruvian Physique or more of the entertainment angle with the Buff Dudes, Bro Science aka Dom, or the Hodge twins I’m never lacking content to consume. With time, I ended up concentrating on two channels specifically; Bradley Martyn and Calum von Moger. Calum’s humor and authenticity really spoke to me, and the guy’s won multiple bodybuilding competitions so he obviously knows a thing or two. Brad had a way of motivating me unlike anyone else, and his appreciation for his fans was exactly what I like to see coming from an ‘internet celebrity’. That’s why it pains me so much to write this. But I won’t support a fake.

Recently Train To Look Good Naked, another YouTube fitness channel, posted a video telling the story of his personal experiences with Bradley. (If you want to hear any of the material I’m referencing please go watch the respective videos as I won’t go too far into them here) Now the number one rule to the internet is always delete your browser history, I mean don’t believe everything you hear on the internet. So I was skeptical at first of his recollection of the events, it’s only one side to the story and when you’re the one being slighted people can tend to over-exaggerate. Add the fact that his channel has done some questionable videos (by my standards) in the past and I wasn’t about to believe everything he claimed, though my interest was definitely peaked. It wasn’t until Calum began tweeting about the video that I was convinced something big had happened.

Calum and Brad later came out with an apology video explaining what had happened between them. In it Calum is visibly distraught and can barely piece his words together while Brad is choosing his words carefully and deflecting accusations or just straight up avoiding some. The video is posted on both their channels simultaneously and I figured that was that. Brad messed up, we all make mistakes, he was righting the ship and moving forward. Or so I thought. Not even 24 hours later Brad deletes his video. This enraged Calum and led to a follow up video where Calum goes into more of the details that Brad didn’t want him to mention in the initial apology. Long story short Brad interfered with Calum’s relationship by telling his girlfriend about a conversation they had in confidence. He then complained about Calum not bringing in as much traffic to their supplement company, Origin, that they had created together, while also going behind Calum’s back trying to work out a deal with their lawyers where Brad would own a percentage of Calum’s website. The site is separate from anything to do with Origin, his own personal website where he sells clothing, lifting gear, and programs. So Calum, the original creator of Origin, completely abandoned the company and walked. There’s much more including Brad’s lawyers threatening to sue Calum, his ex business partner and friend, but you get the basics of the situation.

There’s really no explanation for how I was feeling after learning all this. The best description I can give is just a big ball of anger, disappointment, and empathy for what Calum is going through, all mixed into one. As someone who has spit-balled multiple far-flung business ventures with friends this is my worst nightmare, a power tripping partner who not only ruins your business but destroys a friendship without thinking twice. If you are a fan of Brad’s like I was don’t take this as me trying to turn you against him. However you need to be aware of the truth and come to your own conclusion about whether or not you want to support him. Because if that’s how little he thinks of his friends think about how little he cares about you, one of his nearly one million subscribers. Just something to consider. And for the very few of you who made it through this post without even knowing who these two are I guess the moral of the story is cherish those who are true to who they are, and treat you with the respect you deserve. Whether it’s a personal relationship or someone you’re a fan of. It’s always going to be easier to fake it and not let anyone see the real you so value those who actively choose to be real. And for God’s sake delete your damn browser history. Seriously no one needs to see that shit.


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