Icy Hot Patch

It finally happened. It was a normal Tuesday morning, I had the day off so I was obviously going in on some deadlifts. I showed up just after 11 feeling hyped up after finishing my home made salted caramel mocha protein shake/pre workout. Blasting some Rap God I completed my warm ups and began some light sets of 8. After about a month of sumo stance I decided it was time to go back to conventional. Everything was going great, my gym nemesis was making sure I took note of his lifts, another member was going in on some 450 pound leg press, it was shaping up to be a very motivating day. Three sets in my grip started to give so I took a break and grabbed my straps before setting up for a fourth set. As I attempted to explode through my second rep my back quivers and for a split second I considered stopping to reset; I should have listened. Instead I pushed through a third and that’s when I notice my back wasn’t feeling so hot. As I lowered the bar my whole left side grabbed and I nearly collapsed to the floor in pain, what the hell just happened? I could barely move at this point and as much as some water would be great I doubted my ability to walk across the gym. I then had a moment of pure stupidity followed by some clarity. I began to set up for a fifth set. Yes, after just realizing I couldn’t walk, I for some reason thought another set was a good idea. No pain, no gain right? Brilliant. Fortunately, I remembered how much rehab Gary has gone through to get back to his regular lifts after wrecking his back and I stumbled away from the bar. Unracking the bar was probably the most painful thing I’ve done since breaking my leg. I wish I could tell you I was attempting some ridiculous weight that I’ve never touched before but that’s not the case. It was 225. A weight I’ve been working with for over a month now. If I had to take a stab at what happened I would probably say I didn’t activate my abs properly but I really don’t know. So that’s how I first injured myself working out, almost three years in. It was bound to happen at some point. I was incredibly injury prone, probably due to my girlish figure, in competitive sports (separated my shoulder twice, broken wrist, split open knee, and aforementioned broken leg) and am slightly surprised that hasn’t followed me into this portion of my life. *Knock knock*. I can already hear my Mom saying “I told you you’d get hurt” but you can’t let fear hold you back. I’ll just have to be conscious of it and lift smarter going forward. But for now I’m taking (at least) a week off to rest up. When I do go back I’ll be focused on high rep, light weight work to ease myself back in. The powerlifting style training will have to wait.


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