Professionally Offended

We live in an age where people are looking for any opportunity to be offended. Not actually offended of course, just fake offended. There’s two glaring examples of this as of late, one that you may have already heard of and one you most likely haven’t. I’ll start with the ladder. Colin Moriarty, formerly of Kinda Funny, posted this tweet on international women’s day.

Now there isn’t much to be said about the joke itself that hasn’t already been stated but I’ll throw my two cents in just for fun. First off, if you are truly offended by this I pray for you. I don’t know how you live your day to day life without shooting off to anyone who will listen about how offensive they are. I’ve heard and seen some truly heinous shit and this comes nowhere close. Or more likely, similar to those who so quickly ruined Colin’s reputation, you’re a keyboard warrior. Either way you should probably click away now as almost anything I write will undoubtedly be much, much worse. The fact is it’s a joke. Perhaps you don’t find it to be particularly humorous (I myself fall in this camp) or that it’s perhaps in bad taste. Both reasonable responses. However, to claim that this tweet truly offends you, causing you to lose sleep and take up your mind share I honestly can’t comprehend. The bubble you must live in.  Nonetheless this isn’t about the response from the general public as things are often blown completely out of proportion by people on the internet. What matters is how Kinda Funny handled this situation. A company which refers to it’s fans as best friends. Best friends disagree, that’s a fact of life. Something they don’t do is abandon each other when the going gets tough. Even I know this, someone who is a terrible friend at times. All Greg Miller (Kinda Funny CEO) and Tim Gettys (Kinda Funny co-founder) had to do is release a statement around the lines of “while I don’t find the tweet funny, calling Colin a sexist is ridiculous and won’t be tolerated by Kinda Funny.” Boom. Drama over. Instead Greg releases this.

He chose the almighty dollar and their company’s image over his best friend. So when Colin’s resignation was announced the following Monday there was no other way to interpret it than the lack of support from his friends led to his departure. Greg can claim it was Colin’s own choice all he wants, which it was, but the fact is his actions caused Colin to leave. In a world where the internet is lurking and waiting to jump on an opportunity to tear you apart, standing by your friends is all you have. And you failed Greg. They will come for your company again and what will you do then? There’s only four of you left now, will you go down to three at the next SJW outrage?

Moving on to something less near to my heart: Dave Chappelle’s Netflix comedy specials. I recently watched both shows and found them generally entertaining even if a few jokes fell flat. I watch many standup acts and really enjoy watching the different strategies for setting up a joke. Some of my favorites include Mike Birbiglia, Anthony Jeselnik, and Chris D’Elia. I feel it’s important to share those names because each one of them has pushed the envelope in their shows to little repercussions; especially Jeselnik. That guy is dark. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy dark humor I don’t recommend it but if you do definitely check out Thoughts and Prayers on Netflix; it’s hilarious. But anyway back to Chappelle. Not even a week post release of these specials people on the internet were losing their minds. “He said fag, he made light of rape” and so on. In everyday life this is obviously terrible vocabulary to use and I would understand the outrage to an extent. However this was during a comedy set. Comedy. The one medium where nothing is off limits. Nothing. If you don’t support that ideology I don’t think you understand the medium. It’s supposed to poke fun at the worst aspects of the human race, not to be a representation of everyday life. I’ll leave you with this last thought. Why is it Russell Peters can shit on Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Black, and White people with no repercussions yet Chappelle jokes about LGBTQ and everyone loses their minds. Is it possibly because we’re not fighting for Asian rights but we are currently fighting for LGBTQ rights? It’s a buzz word right now and when used the internet masses swarm. I’m all for equality but kindly keep your political correctness the fuck out of comedy. It doesn’t belong there and never will. You may think this is the wrong hill to die on, you may be correct. But it’s not going to stop me.


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