Just Drunk

It seems like just yesterday that my friends and I drank four to five times a week. Your tolerance goes through the roof when you’re “force fed” alcohol that often and it can be difficult for me to remove myself from that tolerance I once had. Two years has passed since then and I’ve really toned down my alcohol consumption, including a little over six months of not drinking at all. As such the past month has been an interesting return to form. Other than getting into a bar fight nearly a month ago, Saturday night was a hefty reminder of my lack of resilience to alcohol. Thankfully I was in my own home surrounded by those who I care most about so I was comfortably uncomfortable. For myself when I’m that far gone I tend to connect with music that much more, similar to going through an emotional trauma. Even though physically I was in tatters, mentally I was rediscovering myself. Thus there was a slew of tracks that night, and the painful morning after that brought up a range of emotion. I was considering making a Take a Minute volume out of this but seen as most of these are already very, very well known we’ll leave it as is.

The song that stuck out most is one some of my friends disgraced for being so old: Dum Dee Dum by Keys N Krates. This song has many layers of meaning for me and thus regardless of how old it may be I will always have a special place for it in my heart. Having just seen Keys N Krates with David and my new friend Jacob the previous weekend, reliving the magic of it performed live is something special. I think there’s a point where things shift from acquaintances to friends in every friendship and in my mind getting wild to this with Jacob is that point. Parliament Funk and PLUR Police by Knife Party are a couple more of the feel good vibes I received throughout the night. Knife Party has been a staple in my life, though I’m yet to see them live, and the way their music produces energy in me is incredible. I don’t listen to much Drake lately, not that I haven’t tried, I just don’t seem to enjoy his flow. However with the amount of times I’ve heard One Dance at clubs it really just embodies a feeling of letting go and being free within me. Alternatively I Feel It Coming has some lyrics that really fuck me up. I’m a fairly closed off person and the material in that track really can make me face that head on. There’s so many great tracks on The Weeknd’s newest album that I could literally list off most of them for inducing different emotions but I’ll leave it at two. The second being Secrets. Between the killer beat and amazing vocals on display this track has been on repeat all day. Alright. Time for some Eminem rapid fire. Just Lose It, Without Me, The Real Slim Shady, and Shake That all take me back to my teen angst days. Almost Famous, W.T.P., and Won’t Back Down got me right fired up, well as much as somebody who could pass out at any moment can get fired up. Cinderella Man and Lose Yourself created a feeling of hopefulness for the future and finally Rap God always reminds me of Conner. I guess that’s because he loved it from day one and I did not. I came around eventually though. Love you bud. Travis Scott’s goosebumps is my favorite chill beat since Antidote, another Travis Scott track. I can’t say I listen to much of his music outside of these two songs but both give me a nice mellow vibe. Speaking of mellow Imagine Dragons-Believer, though not necessarily a laid back beat, reminds me of all the times I used to smoke listening to Radioactive. Whenever I wanted to shut off the world Radioactive would be my go to. The majority of my smoking days are all but behind me yet whenever I hear Imagine Dragons I’m transported back to those high school days. Then there was my hangover music and who better to serenade away a headache than Justin Timberlake. My love for JT is mainly thanks to my older brother Justin who I actually called JT for a fair portion of my life. Why? Perhaps because I love them both equally. In all seriousness though Justin Timberlake was a cornerstone of my musical taste. My Love is still probably one of my favorite songs ever. Then there’s Like I Love You, Rock Your Body, Cry Me a River, and Señorita all off his Justified album that are classics. I wish I lived in a world where I could search ‘Justin’ on Spotify and have Timberlake be the top artist but alas, Bieber. Anyway that’s a look into how comforting music is for me, even when wasted my mind is constantly making connections. Not connections with my friends however, they could barely get two words out of me passed about 10pm. Life of the party over here.


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