NOS + Ice Tea Lemonade Vape Juice

Over the past month or so Kelowna has received more rain than my previous two years here combined, it’s led to flooding and quite a bit of property damage unfortunately. May long has been another story entirely however and I’m quite happy about it. My parents are here visiting and it’s been mid-high twenties all weekend. I’ve spent a few hours with them so far but have missed most of the planned activities due to work. That’s alright though, this weekend was fairly busy at work.  I saw them all day today and then they head back tomorrow. It was a good to see them, let them know about my plans for school and discuss updates. As we were catching up I fully realized just how poor I’ve been taking care of myself. My training has completely fallen apart, working two jobs will do that to you, I’ve barely been eating, losing 10 pound in the past two months. It feels like my diet consists of pizza, NOS energy drinks, and vape juice: the building blocks of health and strength. Usually when I’m updating my parents it consists of weight or strength plateaus I’ve passed and not much else. This time it was just not much else. That might be why I’m excited to see my schedule return back to normal tomorrow. I’m no longer working two jobs so I’ll have ample time to get my training and diet back on track while still focusing on saving money for school in September. Fitness is my motivation for returning to school after all so it’s important I maintain focus on constant improvement and ensure this is just a small hiccup and not a defining moment of lapsed concentration. Tomorrow I begin again at stage one and will be doing a bit of an accelerated beginner program to gain back my base level strength and then move on from there.

As for a bit of an update in regards to the blog my Take a Minute series has been put to slumber. I really enjoy sharing music with others as well as having people share music with me. However the format didn’t really work for people and so it’s done for now. Perhaps it will come back in one offs when I have something I really want to share with you guys but even then I will probably title them as such to avoid confusion. In the mean time if you are interested in discovering some music you may have never heard before and some you probably already love you can check out my spotify playlists. I’ve created three, two with laughably opposite titles: Light & Breezy and Dark & Dirty. The third called Go Hard is my workout oriented playlist. Don’t sleep on it if you’re not a regular gym goer though. Check them out if you’re interested and like I said, if there’s anything that interests me in a major way I’ll be sure to share it with you.


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