Blog Update #1

Sup! This is a new idea I’ve come up with to be able to communicate with those of you who care about what’s happening around here. There will be very little…how shall we say… propperness to these. As you can probably tell by the opening and the fact that propperness isn’t actually a word. The dictionary thinks I mean proneness. Nah b. Alright so other than seeing my goofiness what can you expect from these? Well basically what the title says. Good job dude, already over-explaining the simple things. So the first portion of this update is to let everyone know I’m no longer going to be including images on my posts. Why? Well first let’s talk about why I was doing it in the first place. I was trying to create levels of interpretation and relation. The image, the title, the category, and the blog itself all kind of interact with each other and I found including an image gave another angle to whatever topic I was discussing. Plus I found some of them pretty humorous. However I’m just ripping them off of Google as I’m sure was pretty damn obvious. So I tinkered with a way to try and give the original creator credit but then I found that damn real impossible as often times the site I ripped them off wasn’t the original creator anyway. It’s not THAT big of a deal to be using Google images for stuff, hell tons of youtubers use them for their thing….that I’m blanking on the name for… you know that screenshot thing that makes you want to click on the video….fuck this is gonna bug me. ANYWAY. Between that and the humor kind of wearing off I’m going to take a break from the images for a bit. That’s the first portion. Second is addressing my constant disappearances and then random reappearances. Basically if I’m not writing, I’m not inspired to write. It’s as simple as that. I understand that there is a place for ‘today I did this, and this and this’ type blogs but that’s not who I am. I personally don’t find those the most interesting to read and so why would I create something along those lines. When I write I want to explore an idea or topic that I find interesting and that I think someone else may enjoy. Currently my ‘inspiration’ is pretty low, and this happened last summer as well. Who knows, maybe next summer I won’t be able to shut up. And finally I have a new series I would like to announce. It’s called Backlog Game Reviews: ‘insert game title hither’. This is a series I thought of back in January when I gave themodernmanchild a bit of a makeover and have been playing with the idea ever since. I understand it’s a topic that won’t really have much of an audience and that’s fine. I just told you I don’t enjoy reading diary type stuff so if this doesn’t tickle your fancy then don’t read it. I mean unless you want to support your boy and then really all you have to do is click on the post and it gives me a view and then you don’t even have to read it, it’s actually pretty cool. You could even take your significant others phone and then go through and just click on each one of my posts and really boost my views it’d be super nice of you and… okay I’m done 🙂 But yeah it’s going to be a series where I review the games I passed over but have now completed. And that’s the key thing here, I purchase games like a son of a bitch and then never finish them, sometimes, okay lots of times, never even start them. So this is me going into my backlog, beating these games and then reviewing them. Telling you if they’re worth your time and money, or if they were even worth my time. There is absolutely no kind of schedule on these as I am approximately 5 weeks away from signing 4-5 years of my life away (yay going back to school!) however I do have the first game finished (playing) and have started the second. They are Dragon Age Inquisition and XCOM 2 respectively. So look for the Dragon Age review some time. Just some time. Alright that’s enough from me, thank god I don’t actually write like this eh? I mean terrible vocabulary, run-on sentenc…


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